Located in the foot of the iconic Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam, REMASTERED is an immersive multimedia experience designed to blur the boundaries of perception and spark curiosity. The show entertains, intrigues, and astounds visitors at literally every turn with 360° of crisp 22k resolution and lush surround sound.

I was asked by Woodwork to help create the opening show. Based on the works of Dutch painter Jeroen Bosch, 
I modelled the characters and co-directed and the motion capture shoot and animated the characters.

Dick van Zuijlen – Business Development 
Robin Groenveld – Idea & Creative Producer

Managing director: Ron van der Meer
Technical Producer: Stefan Hoohenkerk

Opening theme Remastered show: DJ Sam Feldt

Creative Director: Marvin Koppejan
Creative Producer: Nina Fabel
Project Strategist: Niels Scheide

Modelling Characters: Danny Merk

Animation: Danny Merk, Gurkan Yilmaz.

Rigging & Texturing: Jasper Hesseling, 

Ernst Noort, Tim van der Wiel, Eric Groeneveld, Nick Bauer,

Visualizer: Saverio Wielkens

Mocap: Timeaware
Mocap actor: Kimberley Nutbey

Max Gramser, THNDR

Willemsplein 79 | 3016 DR Rotterdam
Woensdag – Zondag / 11.00 – 16.30
Maandag – Dinsdag / Gesloten
© Digital Art Center B.V.

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