No Spang. Make some of it.

Achtung! Mcgarrybowen has the new mantra: 'No Spang. Make some of it. Fernandes.' Developed.

The new campaign is about the daily struggle in the lives of young urban people in the Netherlands. Whether you're having stress to look good, to arrange or to fight against expectations; Of every situation is something to be made of.

The 'No Spang. Mantra is widely launched with a series of videos, mobile advertising, 'No Spang' pre-rolls, own playlist, Spotify advertising, activation and OOH. There are also custom-made videos in the commercial block before some big blockbusters.

With the new Fernandes campaign, we emphasize Surinam's view that you can make something of every situation. This translated into a campaign that looks like the product tastes. A colorful and snappy narrative style that matches the target audience and their living world.

'Fernandes has a pronounced image and distinctive taste. There is a prominent and striking campaign where the brand and our delicious Surinamese soda in the recognizable colored tins can be a leading role," says Joost Dijkstra, Sr. Manager Portfolio at Coca-Cola European Partners and responsible for Fernandes.
Klant: Fernandes (Coca Cola Enterprises)
Verantwoordelijk klant: Joost Dijkstra, Cynthia Smeets, Brendan Lyons
Bureau: ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen
Creatie: Patrick van Haperen, Robin Meekel, Mark Muller (CD)
Strategie: Gerben van der Zwaard
Account: Joeri Bakker
Producer: Johan de Meijer
Design: Christian Mezöfi, Scott Kooken, Joost Huver, Danny Merk
Animatie: Danny Merk, David Schagerström
Sound Studio: Earforce

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